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PERFECT INTEGRATION The furniture and the handle become one SEE THE PRODUCT Loooooooong Long sizes upto 910 mm in length SEE THE PRODUCT SIMPLE AND EASY
Everything fits without complications SEE THE PRODUCT
Sustainable Materials Made with wood from forests managed in a sustainable way SEE THE PRODUCT PRACTICAL DECORATION Design and practicality in every detail SEE THE PRODUCT NEW ERA OF CONTRAST Design and practicality in every detail SEE THE PRODUCT

Upgrade Design every time

The design of wooden handle is far more delicate to be established in practically way. Each and every points of designing wooden handle is created by constantly experimenting.

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Towards satisfaction of customers

We always give first priority to satisfaction of customers that uses our product. Production of our product with keep in eye responsibility, quality and rigour are present in all stage.

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Available to tiny corner of World

Our Wooden handle is designed by keep preference of an international public base.that’s versatile design can transforms the door entrance of world’s each corner.

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Long Handles
Our wide variety of long handles for entrance door and cupboards door is ideal for doors with large dimensions. We have sizes that reach at least 910mm in height.
New line of wall hooks

Small details that can transform entrance

After more than 10 years of creating entrance door handle, we have broadened our horizons and created our first line of door handle. They are accessories that bring image and functionality to your entrance. They decorate and order. They contribute and transform. They are practical, aesthetic and extremely original.

What our Clients Say

``Always energetic people and try to give extra ordinary to each customer . recommended for business``- Rameshwar plywood
``we are happy to see your valuable organization foot print in digital marketing world. it’s gives us better business management and rich people towards you for see innovative design and give valuable orders for hike your business.``- Vishal Kachhadiya
``We are working with this company for 5 years .three things they good at delivery on time, good quality of wood they use, nice packaging``- Rajanibhai Patel
We are doing business for last 3 years and they have Good product. Precision work for small details in product. I like to work with this company- Ashishbhai Mahim Arc


Discover all the secrets of our models of handles and glass door handles.
Their characteristics, references, installation diagrams and the images that best define them, they can be found in the pages of our catalogues. They contain the latest trends in decorative accessories and all the necessary information you need to understand the The Rose Wood® universe.

Our catalogues are available in digital and printed format. Have you got yours?

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