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Our company dealing with wooden product since very long time.our company belived in traditional way to make wood articles better and better day by day.As the technology increses of the world ,we need to modified our way and get combined with technology to make wooden product more pricise and correctly design wise. Our company started with Balabhai Dhameliya they always be core of our company and still they gives us good spirit to go beyond our imagination .Then as time

passes our company expand their criteria and making good finished product for decorating your houses.


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Our mission is to create Value for our customers through Reliability and Flexibility. We want our customers to experience the warmth and comfort through Respect and Trust.


Our vision is to be a leading international wooden items manufacturer offering innovative and superior quality products.

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  • ADDRESS 157, Amrut Udhyog Nagar, Laskana Kamrej Road, Laskana-Surat, Gujarat-India.
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