Designed by architecture

World is leading toward the design miracles done by architecture
As you know the littlie tings that made by guidance of arc is very useful and tiny piece of precision.
So our every design on wood we make we discuss with architecture team that leads towards the perfection and great utility to our customer in every product that company make.

Hand Carving

Hand carving is historical background to vintage product. Every master piece of history get carved and made by human hands only.
We believe that human touch to make such king of wooden carving product that gives more satisfaction to our customer.
After the product made on machinery, we all know machine have its own limit ,it never get in line of human hands so we get finished our product by human touch on every single product.

Hand Polishing

Technology is making human life easier and easier day by day that’s shining point of technology.
Our company believes that hand polishing is such a things that gives our product unique looks and make it precise in every angle of product.
We used to polished our product by hand just because to give human touch to every product.

Innovative Design

Our company always keeps you one step ahead of design.
We have R&D teams to get try and error all new idea to make on wood.
Wooden handle and wall décor items always new to cur customer for more selection.
We create Design that leads to considering many utility factor and also looking factor considered by company.

Selection of Wood

Core of our product, raw material of product we use is very specific type of wood that have weather resistance.
Wood has lots of spices in worlds that any probably know all of them but for our product we use very hard and tough material.
We use sag wood or natural teak wood for our engraving and decorative product.
In sag also various king of wooden logs available but we prefer the most tough and reliable teak wooden material for better result.
Seamless figure and with great looks we choose the material that our product more attractive.

Technology for production

Latest machinery that use for production of our product, makes it precise by dimension and leaves it in same shape and size.
For better finishing and liner production our company done its production work in CNC machine and LASER machine to design on wooden material.
Without automatic machinery no-one can leads the demand of world fulfill by time their given, so by keep our self with world we developed the production house fill with automatic wooden cutting machinery.


Packaging is very important part of material as our company believes that
Strong presentation of product always starts with packaging of material.
We used to make good quality and designer box packaging for our product.
Packaging always plays big role to transporting and delivering our product safely to customers it required good packaging.